Bounty Hunt: Western Duel

You don’t always have to shoot to kill in Bounty Hunt: Western Duel. Its gameplay gives you the freedom to choose the way each Wild West duel will end for your opponent. That’s just the kind of game it is, and with a noticeably unique premise that distinguishes it from just about every other first-person shooter on any mobile platform. If you allow Bounty Hunt: Western Duel to take you to the Wild West, the rest of the fun is up to you to discover, including practising your quick-draw shooting skills on various firing ranges, engaging in group battles, or going for the game’s main chunk of fun: ticking off bounties one by one as you roam across the plains to hunt for your next target.

Bounty Hunt: Western Duel

Gameplay Mechanics

There are a few different modes in which you can experience the duelling action of Bounty Hunt: Western Duel, but the gameplay mechanics remain identical and consistent regardless of the mode you’re in. The simple premise is that you are a gunslinger, and that all of your interactions with enemies will take place in the form of a duel. It isn’t handbags at five paces either, but rather a quick-draw challenge that essentially sorts the quick men from the slower boys.

The duel itself takes place in the same manner you’ve probably seen in many western movies. You are positioned a certain distance away from your enemy, and it will be on his mark that you fire. Meanwhile, you have your gun in the corner of the screen, though it is facing downwards in accordance with duel rules. Your enemy will shout out three calls: the first one, which indicates readiness, the second one, which builds the tension, and the third and final call, which is to fire. The game is all about getting the timing just right: when the “Fire” command is given, the gameplay mechanics are such that you must swipe upwards from your gun to the point on the screen where you wish the shot to land.

The mechanics are no means as complex as those found in Red Dead Redemption or Call of Juarez, but just you wait and see how tense the duels are in this game in spite of its fairly humble nature. Getting the timing right between the visual cues (the words Ready, Steady, and Fire all appear on the screen in addition to your enemy calling out the vocal cues).

Bounty Hunt: Western Duel

Buy to Hunt

You cannot have longevity in a shooting game without the opportunity to upgrade your hardware. Luckily, there is a decent selection of weapons available for you to purchase with the premium currency in the game, which is gold coins. You can buy anything from pistols to shotguns and more; you’ve also got additional inventory items like medpacks, holsters, and other beneficial clothing/armour.

Additional content is provided in the form of the different gameplay modes. The main bounty hunting mode is accessed via the “hunt” section off the main menu. Here you will be able to practice on the gun range against bottles or moving targets. You can also scroll around the Bounty Map, which has you various opponents on there, each with various amounts of cash rewards in return for taking them either dead or alive (this is stipulated before each duel). You can also earn gold coins by enter into the “Gang Hunt” mode, which has you facing off against multiple opponents.

Best Bounty on Mobile?

This is by no means the only bounty hunting game for mobile, but what you have here is one of the very few western-themed games whose mechanics centre around a series of quick-draw duels taking place for cash rewards. The graphics are unity powered, making them decent for a mobile game but by no means exceptional. You can visit the official Bounty Hunt website for some more detail as well as download links. This is a game that is recommended strongly for fans of shooters, westerns, and bounty hunting games.