Clear Vision 3

Clear Vision 3

Good for Sniping

Love to shoot people but don’t enjoy the pressure of short to mid-range encounters with the enemy? There’s no doubt that Clear Vision 3’s the game for you, particularly if you identify with the sentiment of sniping from a distance. Clear Vision gained momentum as a flash-only game a number of years ago, but its popularity has led to Clear Vision 3 making its way to mobile devices. The danger was always going to be that this third instalment would feel too light in content to exist as a fully-fledged mobile title, but thanks to DPFlashes studios, the game feels right at home on a palm-sized device – the addition of a shooting range and side-missions doesn’t hurt the cause either.

I Can Shoot Clearly Now the Rain Has Gone

Clear Vision 3

Gameplay in Clear Vision 3 won’t shock or surprise veterans of the series, but it may very well win over newcomers to its stickman-shooting ways. The game plays like a classic first-person shooter, with the mouse or your fingers being the mover of the crosshairs as you take aim against your foe. Your character is shooting people from afar because he needs to earn money as well as playing through the game’s storyline; you’re controlling this character that shoots people presumably because you want to have some sniping fun.

Sniping fun you shall have as well, since Clear Vision 3’s enjoyable FPS-style sniping scenarios are devilishly enjoyable sharing similarities to Spoof Games stickman sniper series Stick Squad. Scenarios range from shooting people straight in the face to destroying the vehicles that they’re in, right through to scouting out the surrounding environment and using objects on the screen to engineer the perfect kill scenario, sometimes without firing a single bullet directly at or into a person. The scenarios are original, well thought-out, and borderline inventive at times, making for a great bit of main-mode gameplay and a great alternative to the action in the Sift Heads shooting games.

Side Missions and Energy System

Clear Vision 3

There’s an unusual, somewhat queer addition this time however, and these come in the form of side-missions. Presumably present here only pad out the content a little bit, these legal and objectively mundane jobs (such as plumbing a toilet or washing dishes) fall a little bit by the wayside since the animations are poor and they’re, well, boring. It makes a good way to earn in-game currency however, which brings me on to my next point.

The in-game currency system is definitely a factor that must weigh into the final verdict on this game. Clear Vision 3 is free to play, which may send alarm bells ringing in most people’s heads already. Justifiably so as well, since there’s an energy system involved which can limit how much you can get stuck in to the gameplay. Currency can be earned, but in-app purchases are somewhat encouraged by the game as they allow you to go ahead and do what you want, when you want.

Clearly Entertaining

In spite of the dreaded Freemium format rearing its ugly head however, Clear Vision 3 remains one of the more entertaining games of the series. Its move to mobile and development by DPFlashes Studios is welcome, and if IAPs have to be present to have made this move possible, then so be it. The graphics aren’t ground-breaking, though because of the stickman style they don’t really need to be.  It’s just fun to have a Clear Vision game on mobile, with all of the gun customising, people-shooting, side-mission, and general first-person, bounty-hunting mayhem that goes along with it.