Grand Theft Auto V: A Twist of Bounty Hunting


Since the original Grand Theft Auto took the world violently by storm way back when in 1997, the series, now developed and published by a division of Rockstar Games, is essentially the go-to saga for open-world violent behaviour in video games. Having always had quite a controversial format even back in its top-town perspective days, Grand Theft Auto's most recent foray into the world of open-world criminal activity is Grand Theft Auto V.

With better graphics than ever, a multi-layered storyline, and the gameplay being carried out from the perspective of several characters in the game, GTA V is easily described as the best game in the series to date. Moreover, the missions are more interesting than ever, in particular the special bonds (Bounty Hunter) missions that at times make one feel like a more badass and attractive version of Dog the Bounty Hunter.


General Gameplay

From a technical standpoint, Grand Theft Auto V's gameplay is somewhat of a technical masterpiece. This is a game that finally allows a choice between the third and first person perspectives whilst offering a three main 'protagonists' that you can switch between at any time (Michael, Franklin, and Trevor are their names). The stories of the three protagonists are woven together with stunning seamlessness, and they tell a twisted story that succeeds in lampooning the idea of the American (or in this case, the Californian) dream.

The three perspectives cross over at various points, though each individual character provides a welcome twist to the all-out violence and relatively straightforward format of the previous games. Michael's criminal career is by all accounts a well-documented one, though you have the sense that it is coming to its twilight years; Franklin's timeline is a hectic one that is heavily shaped by the many aspects of the so-called 'hood'; switch to Trevor for a mayhem-filled time that borders on the darkly comical in its nature. Whichever character you switch to however, you're still doing the familiar thing of running around with weapons, jacking cars, and generally being a low-life criminal trying to live the highest life you possibly can.

Missions and Bounty Hunting

With a total of 79 missions in GTA V, Rockstar North have ensured that there is no shortage of opportunities for destruction, violence, kidnap, extortion, murder, and all-round criminal activity that would give any police unit a shock. You'll approach and be approached by various members  at different levels of the criminal underworld, with missions that involve kidnapping certain people, stealing specific cars, swiping weapons from police swat teams highlighted at, a classic jewellery store heist, and many more such entertaining acts.

However, perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of the game is the inclusion of some good, old-fashioned bounty hunting. These are known as the 'Bail Bond' missions, which are effectively a set of tasks that are classified as special missions in the game. They cannot be accessed until you meet a character called Maude, who then issues you with an email that details the last known locations of each of the fugitives that are in need of capture.


There are a total of  four Bail Bond missions in Grand Theft Auto V, each representing one bail bond jumper that needs to be captured. For those that enjoy keeping things PG-13, then you have the option of capturing them and bringing them back alive - this rewards you with the full bounty of $10,000. You can also being them back after killing them, though you receive less money this way. These missions will take you to a variety of different locations including a quarry, one at an old barn (the shootout here makes it difficult to bring Larry the fugitive in alive), one involving (believe it or not) attempting to take down a skydiver after he jumps off a cliff, and one fugitive that hides out at a boring homeless hangout.

A Great Game

GTA V is a fantastic game with many upsides: stunning graphics, a staggeringly vast open world environment, nostalgia and memories of previous GTA games like Vice City which has a mobile version which can be downloaded here: GTA VC iOS and GTA VC Android, but it remains to be seen whether rockstar will take GTA V to mobile and tablets which I am sure fans would love. It takes a serious bit of hardware to play on PC however, so the mobile version is not a likely addition.