Hitman Sniper Lets You Plan the Perfect Kill with Tons of Practice

  • Hitman Sniper

    It would not be a proper Hitman Game is strategizing was not involved. And the game lets you do it. Take out your scope and check out the facility, each target, and get a good feel on how they move, where they go, and what they do. Slowly, over the course of the game, you begin to understand their behavior, even carefully predict the course of actions they will take. And will all that knowledge and understanding in your grasp, you would know best when the best time to kill someone is.

    What is Hitman Sniper?

    Hitman Sniper

    Hitman Sniper is a game that allows you to simulate the assassinations of various targets in a specific location. Each time you complete a mission, you start again at the same location with the same characters, doing the same things –but your objective (and most often likely) your target, will change. Yes, that is exactly what it sounds like, you keep playing the same area with the same NPCs. But that is actually pretty amazing. Instead of constantly switching locations, each mission will have you learning about the different targets in the location you are scoping. This will teach you the best timing for specific side tasks that are not easy to accomplish without having a proper understanding of how each NPC moves and reacts.

    Experimentation is the Key

    What matters is that in general, you know what each action you take will mean for the rest of the NPCs around you. Getting targets to go in a certain way and stay in specific room is one of the many thing that Hitman fans love about the game’s console versions. And we love the way that it is implemented here. Even better is that fact that you spend the whole time as a spectator instead of a participant –at least, until you pull the trigger for the first shot.

    Hitman Sniper
  • Watching the NPCs does not get tiring either –the way that their AI has been programmed is pretty complex, and they have a lot of different animations to the various actions that they perform. The catch is that if you do anything that distracts them or alerts them to danger, they change the way they move, making it harder to accomplish certain tasks that you may need to fulfill. On the opposite end of the spectrum, once you can understand how each target moves, you can anticipate them ahead of time to be able to perform the requirements listed on the mission objectives.

    Impressively Beautiful

    One great advantage of the fact that the entire game is located in a single location is the fact that it all looks so impressive. Since there are no other backgrounds or new characters in play, the ones that are present and the scenery you have is immensely well detailed in terms of design, textures, and even great lighting conditions. The various NPCs are also remarkably unique in-terms of animation and behavior. There is a lot of thought that has been put in the game, both aesthetically and in terms of gameplay mechanics.

    Whether you are zoomed out or zoomed in, the game looks incredible. The larger view shows you a massive sprawling cityscape, and your view is that of a massive residence high above an urban landscape with a bay in the distance. The nighttime view is accented with the dazzling glow of the city in the distance while high above, the nighttime sky is full of stars. When you peer into the scope, you get a close up view of the facility with its amazing interiors, various function rooms, and the unique design of the various residents inside it.

    Hitman Sniper

    The Verdict: Smart Kills

    This game lets you become Agent 47 in a way that other Hitman games don’t: you get to simulate his skill in being able to track, predict, and even manipulate his targets. By having all your missions in one location with all the same NPCs and same movement patterns, your ability to memorize is a substitute for Agent 47’s ability to read people. In this way, Hitman Sniper gives players a unique experience of being inside the mind of an efficient killer –and then there’s that amazing feeling when you finally realize that an Agent is able to grasp and read targets with a level of mastery that would take a normal person several memorizations to learn.