Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption

A Popular Game

There’s no shortage of action in Red Dead Redemption. After all, this is a title from Rockstar Games that has proved immensely popular with millions of open-world action game fans across the globe. Its success isn’t surprising: it is one of the few open-world westerns of modern times that offers this kind of gun-slinging action on such an epic scale, putting you in control of bounty hunter John Marston as he traverses the Wild West in the declining years of the American Frontier. This unique premise coupled with the horseback riding, gun slinging, and numerous bounties to hunt results in a game that is virtually unparalleled in almost every respect.

Gameplay Brief

The premise behind the gameplay is quite simple. John Marston arrives in a lawless town in the wild west, hauling some emotional baggage due to his troubled past along with him. In the town he is able to meet and interact with various characters which give him various missions to carry out. As you complete missions (many of which are the taking out of various people in return for money, AKA Bounty Hunting), you develop relationships with various people and the story derives its shape thusly. It’s also a third-person perspective game, and with all of the previous attributes it has, is rather similar in framework to Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto masterpieces.

Red Dead Redemption

The specific activities that make up each mission vary from skinning various animals to executing or capturing certain figures. The open-world nature of the game’s format means that which missions you take and in what order is entirely up to you. Some missions you have to carry out in order to further the storyline of course, but aside from this, you’re free to get up to as much mischief as you can. This also means that you are able to take on the game’s side-missions, which are Bounty Hunts in the most traditional sense of the phrase.

Bounty Hunting and Other Missions

Even though the act of bounty hunting isn’t as central to the gameplay or premise as it is to the main character of Red Dead Revolver, brothers John and Jack are still able to seek out bounties as a side-mission. After completing the mission called “Political Realities in Armadillo”, you are able to then accept bounties – most commonly from wanted posters that are plastered about town – in order to bring in some cash. You can pursue the various outlaws with bounties on their heads without time constraints and in any order you wish.

One of the more enjoyable aspects of bounty hunting in Red Dead Redemption is the fact that your reward is contingent upon you abiding by the law whilst you have an active bounty to complete. If you commit a crime or injure/kill a lawman while you have an active bounty, you won’t be able to collect the reward, or you will at least have to wait until your wanted level returns to zero. With no shortage of outlaws to hunt in the game, Red Dead Redemption is the ideal title for those who like to engage in the act of bounty hunting with gameplay that is easily described as the greatest western game of modern times.



Red Dead Redemption is easily the greatest western game of all time. This conclusion is reached after considering the incredibly stylish and atmosphere-inducing execution of the game, with its incredible graphics playing a large part in its greatness. It is the third-person shooter gameplay that will attract many people however, and in particular the gun duels that you can frequently get yourself involved in.

Red Dead Redemption

The bounty hunting is an aspect of the game that users can pick and choose from. You can pursue as few or as many bounties as you like provided you abide by the bounty rule. This makes the game an all-round success, even if you’re not a huge fan of westerns – the gameplay, physics, and graphics all stand on their own merits before the western aspect is even factored in. The graphics do look a little dated compared to games like Dying Light and the storyline a little basic compared to ther colossal titles  (The Last of Us, for example), Red Dead Redemption still holds its own.