Sniper Bounty Hunter Games

  • Clear Vision 3

    Clear Vision 3

    If you’re the kind of person that thinks sniping is a deceitful way to end a life, you probably want to stop reading right now. Clear Vision 3 is a light-hearted yet intensely fun shooting game that began its life as a flash-based, browser-only series. Now that the stick-figure snipe fest has gained some backing however, the inevitable has happened: the flash game becomes a mobile one. There’s everything to like about Clear Vision 3 – from the meat of the main gameplay mode to the suspiciously mundane and altogether legal mini-games through to the shooting range, things are better than they have been before in the series. You can read more about its features and failings in this short Clear Vision 3 review. MORE

  • Contract Killer 2

    Contract Killer 2

    There ain’t no killer like a contract killer. Skirting the boundary between murder and they-had-it-coming-to-them killing, Contract Killer 2 brings a good whack of guns and missions to the party. There are many shooting games out there like it (the Clear Vision series is similar though with a different visual direction), but Contract Killer 2 begins with semblance of storyline and a lot of promise. Embark on a variety of missions, amass a collection of weapons both short and long range, and bounty-hunt your way to revenge in this freemium game from Glu whose finer points are covered in this here review. MORE

  • Sift Heads 5

    Sift Heads 5

    Few flash games can honesty claim to cater to the bounty hunting crowd to the extent of the Sift Heads saga. This series of games, which has now reached double figures with its titles, has long been the go-to for anyone looking for a bit of gun-toting flash action. Sift Heads 5 isn’t the newest game in the series by any means, but it is one of the titles that best represents everything that makes the series great. As usual, this one is all about vigilante justice as you use your hotel as a base of operations for exploring the wider area, getting into gunfights, and accepting missions that invariably involve killing people or carrying out questionable deeds for cash. MORE