Space Bounty Hunter Games

  • Elite: Dangerous

    Elite Dangerous

    To give you an idea of the grandness of scale involved in Elite: Dangerous’ gameplay, the entire arena of exploration is based on a scientifically-accurate model of the Milky Way. That’s the Milky Way Galaxy; the one that this tiny planet in its relatively tiny Solar System call home. Add to that the fact that the gameplay itself has a multiple dimensions – an explorative space adventure, the trading of goods and/or services, and high-octane space combat up to and including the accepting and hunting of bounties– and you will be soon to realise that Elite: Dangerous is far from a one-trick spaceship. A further layer of complexity is added by the MMO-style framework in which the entirety of the action is placed, making this one hell of a game to be reviewing.

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  • Star Citizen

    Star Citizen

    Ambitious is a description of Star Citizen which doesn’t even begin to cover the mean task that its developers will have in bringing the game to fruition. As stretch goal after stretch goal has been exceeded during its crowdfunding, more and more elements of the game have been promised by Cloud Imperium Games. What we know for sure is that it will be released in 2016 and consist of a first-person combat element set in an MMO universe, as well as a single and co-operative multiplayer component (to be marketed on its own merit as Squadron 42). There’s also some bounty hunting mechanics that will serve to make things all the more interesting. These elements are discussed in this Star Citizen review.

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  • Star Traders RPG Elite

    Star Traders RPG Elite

    Many people that have played Star Trader RPG Elite have been immediately put off by what is in fact quite a complex body of gameplay and missions. It doesn’t help that the tutorial is recklessly inadequate at filling in the giant gap that is an unfamiliar player’s knowledge, but if you push past this insufficiency you will realise that the game is a formidable, space-based RPG game that gives you the freedom to explore your cosmological surroundings. Accepting missions that vary from exploration and excavation to straight-up bounty hunting in order to bring in some extra cash is all part of the fun; you simply have to break through the initial barriers of uncertainty and unfamiliarity that are initially in place as a fault of the game’s developers.

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  • Space Pirates and Zombie

    Space Pirates and Zombies

    Though its title may suggest otherwise, Space Pirates and Zombies (often shortened to the equally unflattering title of SPAZ) is a real-time strategy game from MiniMax game set in an area of space that can effectively be customised to your liking. Its very name would suggest that you are going to experience some shallow and silly gameplay, but in fact the opposite is true. A sophisticated, challenging, and in-depth real-time strategy game awaits anyone who wishes to give this title a chance. The reward? A satisfying intergalactic romp through areas of space home to aliens, zombies, and a whole bunch of weapons for you to fight them with.

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