Star Citizen

  • Star Citizen

    Ambitious Project

    For a game with a release date still to be confirmed in 2016, Star Citizen is generating a serious amount of hype. And cash for that matter, with $93 million dollars raised to back its production thus far. But what is all this hype – enough to make people make it rain money all over the game’s developers – really about? In short, it is about a game that is going to be one of the most ambitious projects to execute in the history of games development. Multiple dimensions of the game have been posited: a first-person space-combat element set in an MMO universe, and a single-player/co-operative multiplayer branch with the title of Squadron 42. In short, this game is what $93 million worth of development will buy you – but is it going to be any good?

    Gameplay So Far

    Aside from a handful of the original backers of the Star Citizen project, there aren’t many people that have experience any of Star Citizen’s gameplay first hand. This is a game that very much follows on (in spirt) from the classic Wing Commander series, not to mention the fact that they share one of the same developers.

    Star Citizen

    As it stands, the only playable module of Star Citizen is called Arena Commander. This module is a dogfighting simulator that has you assume control of a spaceship through the eyes of an avatar, with a variety of cinematic third-person camera angles to switch between as well as the ability to land your ship, exit the vehicle, and explore local areas of space with your jetpack. Setting up controls will for most be a case of finding the proper configuration for their joystick among the options in the settings. There’s even VR Headset compatibility, which can only make things all the more immersive for players.

  • Don’t forget that there will also be first-person shooter elements to this game, with everything being set in an MMO framework. Squadron 42 is also going to be a feat of development in itself as this is the single-player arm of the game that is currently under development after having the likes of Gary Oldman and Gillian Anderson sign up to do some of the voice acting.

    Bounty Hunting in Star Citizen

    All that’s known for absolute certain at the moment is that there will be bounty hunting elements in Star Citizen. It has been discussed at length by many people on message boards, as well as being mentioned in updates from the developers as well (the last we heard is that it is still being “actively discussed”).

    The exact way in which the game will implement the specific mechanics of bounty hunting isn’t yet known, but among the discussion are ideas such as having bounty hunters being more accepted/tolerated by the citizens of some planets while being less welcome on others. The UEE (United Empire of Earth) is going to be the body that is hiring the bounty hunters, and the mechanics will take into consideration which faction controls the particular area you’re travelling through. Essentially, things such as allegiances as well as the bounty that is placed on any particular person or other member of a rival faction is going to play a large part.

    Star Citizen

    Big Things to be Expected

    For the $93 million pledged by millions of fans across the world, much is going to be expected of the final output of Star Citizen as well as its single player campaign. From what can be discerned at the moment, the game is going to be one of complexity when it comes to the different elements it has, covering a wide range of activities such as combat, defence, bounty hunting, trading, levelling up, and much, much more. You can expect a serious array of weaponry and other hardware, as well as graphics that are already as mind-blowing as has been seen in any game up to this point on Windows/Linux PCs.

    All that we can as a gaming community is look forward to Star Citizen’s release in 2016, looking to the official website for more details as they are made available.