Western Bounty Hunter Games

  • Bounty Hunt: Western Due

    Bounty Hunt: Western Duel

    If there was ever a moment in your life when you stopped to wonder about what it would be like to assume the role of a Wild-West bounty hunter and get into duels with people that have named like “Muddy Jack” and “Digger Joe”, your options for making this dream reality would be quite limited. Then a mobile game like Bounty Hunt: Western Duel conveniently storms onto your phone and into your life to provide you with exactly what you were hoping for. As unique of a premise and format as you’re likely to find on the mobile platform, this game gives a few ways to duel, though the main appeal is the hunting of various bounties that are settled with full-on first-person, Wild West-style duels.

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  • Red Dead Redemption

    Red Dead Redemption

    Open-world action is the genre to be involved with at the moment, as the format is so conducive to action-packed gameplay on an epic scale that it is difficult not to enjoy them from the get-go. Grand Theft Auto V is the go-to example of course, and a hugely successful one at that, but it is Red Dead Redemption that clinches it if you’re looking for a game that delivers a western-themed action adventure with guns, girls, and most importantly, a bounty hunter for a protagonist. Rockstar Games therefore offers an entire game full of opportunities to hunt and track down fugitives for cash rewards in Red Dead Redemption, an offer that not even GTA V can match in equal quantities.

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